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TEI PCFH30 Drill Mast

Drill mast for 30T class excavator

Drill mast for 30T class excavator

Original price was: $105,000.00.Current price is: $80,000.00.

Equipment details

This TEI PCFH30 is Geared Chain Feed system with 30′ of stroke. It comes complete with Beretta Hydraulic Double Clamps and Breaker, plus a Rototilt RT80 mount. The mast weight is approx 2,500 lbs and is best suited for a 30T class excavator.

Drill head is not included, however, both TEI rotary and EuroDrill Drifter pricing available upon request.

Can be packaged with TEI HCFH12 (stock #721-330d) and Boom Ext (stock $721-332d) if desired.

See TEI spec below for more info.

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