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TEI HCFH12 Drill Mast

Drill Mast for 20T class excavator

Drill Mast for 20T class excavator

Original price was: $86,000.00.Current price is: $60,000.00.

Equipment details

This Hydaulic Cylinder Feed (HCF) mast is part of the TEI family’s patented cylinder feed system of products. The unit has has a 16′ feed length (OAL) and drill travel of 12.5′. The mast weighs approx 1,100 lbs and is ideally suited for 20T class excavator.

Drill head not included but pricing available upon request for TEI Rotary Head and EuroDrill Percussion Head.

Can be lumped into package deal with TEI PCFH30 (stock#721-331d) and Boom Attachment (stock#721-332d)

Download PDF above for TEI spec.

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