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CFA Tieback Rig on Komatsu PC220

Long-stroke Tieback drill on PC220

Long-stroke Tieback drill on PC220


Equipment details

This purpose-built, long-stroke tieback rig is an excellent option for long, single-stroke nails and anchors. Designed to handle up to 16″ CFA or DTH, the 30,000 ft-lb rotary can also run 4″ drill string with drag bit. It is a single rotary with two hydraulic motors.

Can drill off the front or side at an angle of 0-40 degrees with a 60 ft single stroke length. Can ship on a 5-axle trailer in most states.


Drill Stroke 60 ft

Gross Weight 80,000 lbs

Crowd 30,000 lbs

Single Line Pull 30,000 lbs

Winch hooked to both ends of rotary sled

Length of Mast 74 ft

Length of Tracks 15’-2”

Width of Tracks (Shoes) 28”

Height of Tracks at Roller 3’-1”

Height of Tacks at Sprocket 2’-7”

Height Boomed Down 12’-6”

Width of Machine 10’-10”

Length from front of crawler to tip of mast 17’-0”

Length form back of crawler to back of mast 41’-8”

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