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880mm Segmental Casing & Tooling

Tools and Casing used on one project!

Tools and Casing used on one project!


Equipment details

This double-wall sectional casing and tooling was purchased new from Bauer in 2018 and used on one project.  The casing driver included matches up to a KDK200 rotary.

The listing includes the following items:

  • 4ea 4M pieces of 880mm casing
  • 8ea 3M pieces of 880mm casing
  • 4ea 2M Driving Shoes w/ BETEK carbide button tools
  • 1ea 880 Casing Driver
  • 1ea 780mm Bauer Rock Auger
  • 1ea 780mm Bauer Dirt Auger
  • 1ea 780mm Bauer Drilling Bucket w/ Rock & Dirt plates
  • Misc Casing Bolts & extra wear pads for shoes