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2022 WORD Rock Drill w/ DTH

Tiny, but mighty skid steer-mounted rotary drill!


Tiny, but mighty skid steer-mounted rotary drill!



Equipment details

Rotary drill attachment for Skid Steer (tractor not included)


To include:

  • MO57 Rineer hydraulic motor for core, rotary or DTH drilling
  • Air/water/grout flushing swivel
  • 2 3/8-in IF output shaft
  • RD89X Mounting slide assembly
  • WD3000 Drill feed with 6 ft to 10 ft of travel. 7,000 Lbs. pull/push capabilities
  • Manual proportional controls
  • Mounting bracket to be able to attached from both sides of drill
  • Manual centralizer for diameter desired
  • Hosing professionally wrapped
  • Installation and training included within continental USA
  • Lateral movement by Cylinder 90/20 degree standard w/feed ext.
  • Kick Stands for stable mounting for deeper holes (Two Required)
  • Mist pump
  • Down hole hammer 5-in diameter
  • 6-in bit for DK50 hammer
  • Starter drill pipe to give you to a 7-ft depth hole
  • 8-in DTH IR380 Hammer w/ 4.5-in API
  • 12-in Bit for DK80 hammer
  • Shock Sub for 6-ft hammers w/ 3.5-in API

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