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2019 Spiradrill MHD-XL-50

Ready to work, only 100 hours!

Ready to work, only 100 hours!


Equipment details

  • Excellent condition, only 100 hours
  • Kellies: 50′ – 7″ x 9 3/4″ x 12 1/2″ – Round Int
  • Max Depth: 50′
  • Sub Size: 130MM stub whole
  • Pin Type: 1 1/16″
  • John Deere 6068 tier 3 diesel power unit
  • Approximately 185 hp.
  • Braden ch230 (23,000#) with 15-ton swivel
  • Braden pd12 (12,000#) with safety hook
  • Tubular constructed and fitter with main and auxiliary winches and rotary table
  • Complete mast, rotary drive and Kelly travels (crowd) 24″ in a specially designed mast support housing, that is coupled to the mainframe and allows for positioning of the mast in the drilling position
  • Unit has 30′ operational height
  • 160-gallon hydraulic oil tank with integrated filters and strainers
  • Heat exchanger provided to maintain operating temperature. Customer to advise oil type
  • 24″ hydraulic operated slide travel frame to include single planetary drive motor and dual brake for rig rotation
  • Swing drive includes a deceleration system for optimum control nylatron slide plates are used to minimize metal wear
  • Mounted on a cat 325el tracks. Painted black base, cat yellow body and mast
  • Digital readout: depth and swing position
  • (6) working lights, operator seatbelt

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