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2008 Casagrande B-180

Well-kept B-180HD w/ Pull-down winch crowd

Well-kept B-180HD w/ Pull-down winch crowd


Equipment details

This self-erecting crawler mount drill rig is powered by a diesel Cummins QSC 8.3C with rated power of 305HP.  The main winch has 45,000 lbf line pull and an auxiliary line with 15,000 lbf.  The H22 rotary is driven by three hydraulic motors coupled to planetary reduction gears transmitting 180 kNm (135,000 ft lbf) of torque to the 4×12.5M interlocking kelly for a max depth of 150′.  Arrangement includes pull-down winch crowd system allowing 45′ of rotary stroke and 54,000 lbf up/down force.  Automatic verticality control is included. Current hours as of Feb 2022 are 6,368.

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