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2006 Hain 450K S-2 CA

Crane-mount drill attachment

Crane-mount drill attachment


Equipment details

  • 13 ½-in square outer Kelly with 7-in square inner Kelly x 75 ft with 45-ton lifting eye/AS-17 swivel & 7-in stub drilled 1 ¾-in diameter 2”-in & 6-in up to center
  • Transmission: Dana-spicer full powershift 4-speed transmission with 16-in torque convertor
  • Right angle gear box: force lubricated hypoid gear set
  • Rotary table final drive: 6.63:1 ratio, oil bath lubricated super gear drive
  • Theoretical performance:

Rotary torque (lb/ft)        Stall                Rotary RPM

1st Gear                               510,000         0-10

2nd Gear                               255,000         0-24

3rd Gear                               145,500         0-44

4th Gear                               83,000         0-78

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