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2004 REV Drill Model 34HD

Excavtor-mount drill attachement.

Excavtor-mount drill attachement.


Equipment details

This Series 4 Model 34 HD REV Drill has most recently been mounted to a Komatsu PC240. Prior to that it was on a PC200 for many years. With proper plumbing and fittings, can easily be up and running on either of the afformentioned excavators within 2 hours.

This is an excellent drill option for shoring and heavy civl contractors that want to go back and forth from digger to drill. This listing includes the high-torque (14,000 ft-lb) head, new winch (2017) purchased for spare, new cable and dipper-arm stand for ease of configuration. It is a single kelly 35′ drill. In the proper soil conditions, manufacture suggests DIA’s from 12″ – 72″.

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