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2001 Bauer BG18

Recently refurbished BG18 ready for its next job

Recently refurbished BG18 ready for its next job

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Additional information

This 2001 BG18 has recently been put through an extensive refurbishment at a six-figure + cost. The mast on this rig was custom shortened 8ft. With a KDK180S rotary and a BK20 368/3/4 kelly bar this rig will produce plenty of power for a mobile 80′ drill. This configuration allows a measurement of 19.5 ft from the bottom of the tracks to the kelly stub (no tool) to enable an operator to get over casing with ease. The rig is also equipped with CFA software package. Engine hour meter currently reads 10,150.

Upgrades include:

– New slew ring

– New swng gear & motor

– New sheaves and bearings throughout entire mast

– New wire ropes

– New brass on rotary sled

– Rebuilt KDK rotary

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