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1990 Texoma 900

3-bar 135′ Texoma 900 on Crane Carrier

3-bar 135′ Texoma 900 on Crane Carrier

Original price was: $350,000.00.Current price is: $250,000.00.

Equipment details

1990 Texoma 900 mounted on a 1975 Crane Carrier. Upper has rebuilt Cummins engine. This is a 3-element kelly (8″,6″,4″) that is capable of 135′ max depth. Rebuilt main wench, crowd and raising cylinders, right angle and final drive. Both inner and middle kellies are brand new.

Lower has rebuilt AC, transmission and engine with approx 4,000 miles since refurb.

This rig has been completetely gone through and would make a great addition to anyone’s fleet.

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