Our History

Doing whatever it takes
to get the hole down!

This website is intended for anyone faced with the challenge of drilling a hole in the ground. It sounds a lot easier than it, quite often, turns out! Seems like the best holes are drilled by those who:

1.) Know what they are doing,

2.) Have the right equipment to tackle the task at hand.

We can help you with both, but you cannot “wish” a hole into the ground! You have to be prepared to attack it, You have to do whatever it takes to get the hole down!

Doesn’t matter the type of ground or extreme conditions, we’ve done it!

Our knowledge of the business, gained from almost 50 years of combined experience as foundation contractors, can help your company with strategic purchasing based on your specific needs. Whether your are looking to upgrade your fleet by selling a machine or adding a newer model of any type.

A family business

Our founder, RV Brinkerhoff, started on this journey with his son Cody over 20 years ago. In 2015, Dan Parker joined forces with RV bringing over 20+ years of geotechnical construction experience to the table.

Today RV and his wife Amy are enjoying retirement while on eternal retainer for Dan to tap when his vast wisdom of our industry is needed.

We take pride in assisting others navigate the challenges of underground construction and our ultimate goal is to be a useful resource in the industry.